Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just Vote Guide published

Just Harvest's 2008 General Election Voters Guide is hot off the press and packed with important information about the upcoming election. We included information about voting for newly registered voters, answers to frequently asked questions about voting and an On the issues section which includes the Presidential candidates views on crucial issues such as Hunger and Food Assistance, Poverty, Tax Credits for Low-Income People and Health Care. We also compiled candidate surveys for US Congress, Allegheny County and State legislative races. To download a pdf version of our 2008 General Election Voters Guide, click here.

Kudos to Just Harvest intern Lou Hanson for the candidate research for this publication.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Just Vote

October 6th marks the deadline to submit voter registration forms, and Just Harvest's Just Vote Campaign registered over 300 new voters over the past few months. On Friday, September 26th, Just Harvest joined the Pennsylvania League of Young Voters, Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania, and other organizations at the Allegheny County Jail to register inmates eligible to vote. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "The 2-hour drive signed up 456 voters and took in 700 absentee ballot requests." To read the front page coverage of the event from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, click here.

Just Harvest will release a non-partisan voter guide to over 6,000 households mid-October. If you are interested in receiving this informational guide about both local and presidential candidate's positions on important hunger and poverty-related issues, please e-mail us at :

HOW YOU CAN HELP: We need volunteers for phone banking during the month of October! If you are interested in informing and mobilizing registered voters to get out there and VOTE, then call us at : 412 . 431 . 8960.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Food Stamp Program Update

Starting October 1, 2008, the Food Stamp Program is getting better--especially for working families! Improvements include an increase in income guidelines, child care cost deductions, and no limit on resources.

NEW INCOME GUIDELINES (as of October 1, 2008)
_Household Size_______ Monthly income limit (gross)_
______2_______________________ $1,517 ____________
______3_______________________ $1,907 ____________ ______4_______________________ $2,297____________
______5_______________________ $2,687____________

By eliminating the limit on resources, you may now qualify for food stamps even if you have money in the bank or other property.

And now the Food Stamp Program will deduct all of your child care costs from your income, giving families with high child care costs more food stamps.

If you've applied for food stamps before, and have been denied because of these reasons, you may be eligible now. Call Eugenia at Just Harvest : 412 . 431 . 8963 to apply over the phone.