Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pennsylvania STILL doesn’t have a state budget!

As a result, the social safety net is on the verge of collapse. Nonprofits all over the state, such as those responsible for daycare for low-income children, mental health counseling, foster care, homeless shelters, group homes, elderly care, and food pantries are shutting down. They can no longer wait for their state payments. Many are relying on lines of credit or tapping home equity credit lines, and retirement and personal savings accounts to pay employees, utilities and mortgages.

In Allegheny County, over 3000 child care workers have lost their jobs and 12,175 children are without care! Parents without a safe place to send their children may lose their jobs in an already bad economy. Students have not received their PHEAA grants or award amount.

Pennsylvania is the last state without a budget and our legislators are not even meeting to build a compromise! The budget is now over 10 weeks late.

Call your PA legislators and ask them to preserve the safety net and pass a fair state budget NOW! We need a responsible budget that raises revenue to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our community. Tell them how the budget impasse has affected you and your family and what programs you think are important to keep funded.

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