Friday, November 20, 2009

Guest Blog: "Robbing Peter?" by Ray Murphy

How Pennsylvania's largest city spends its extra CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) money sets a bad example for how Pittsburgh City Council spends ours. Click here to check out former Just Harvest intern Ray Murphy's blog post, "Robbing Peter?", which discusses the controversial decision in Philadelphia to spend federal anti-poverty money on non-direct assistance to people struggling in the economy.

And visit our website at for more information about joining Just Harvest at the Pittsburgh City Council Budget Hearing on November 30th, to ask City Council for funding from the CDBG to expand the Pittsburgh Hunger Fund in the 2010 City Budget, and prioritize safety net initiatives.

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Rick said...

Argh! This has to be the work of the Richard Florida kool-aid drinkers who think all cities need is a thriving arts community to make rents go up so rich people to come throw money at the window-dressing economy. Add in a useful collusion with intellectually dishonest conservatives who say that current (ie under-funded) programs don't work well enough, and you've got a the perfect opportunity to pitch the (false) promises of "innovation." What a disappointing precedent to set. If we're going to try to do things differently, let's try fully funding programs that provide access to food, housing and child care -- programs with a direct benefit.